What is Banarasi Mint?

The Fusion of a Mheeta Paan and coolness of a mint that will have you wanting more

What's Inside the all natural mint

Ccoconuts from Malaysia

Mouth freshener from India

French rose petals

American menthol mint

Food Labeling

Ready for the U.S. market and beyond

12 month shelf life

Designed for the mobile generation

Enjoy it at work, home, at the movies

Find out where you can buy it


Small batch orders are ideal for

Small grocery stores

Restaurants and lounges

Wedding parties

where you can have a paan without the mess



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1 Piece Pack

We're giving away samples in the U.S.

Subject to availability

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banarasi mint 2 pack

2 Piece Pack

Ideal for restaurants

One box has 45 2-piece packs

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12 boxes per master case

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banarasi mint 12 pack

12 Piece Pack

Great for parties or after dinner

Share amongst friends

Once you have tasted Banarasi Mint you will want this

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