After any workout, the one thing we all want is to keep our energy going. And so its important that what we put into our body will help us do so. One thing we all definitely do not want is snacks that will reverse the fulfilling effects of our workout. I think this can go without saying, but I’ll remind you anyway… ALWAYS keep a glass or two of water handy in the hour or so after your workout. You want to make sure your body does not further dehydrate after all that moving around. While water is the number one go to to keep you hydrated… here are a few other snacks I found around the internet for you to munch on during meals that will keep you going strong for the rest of the week.


Known for its great electrolyte qualities, this is sure to keep you hydrated for the rest of the day. And regardless if you’ve just completed a yoga workout or not, coconut water is fantastic summer-y drink to help you sip the thirst away. You can buy ready- water in pre-packaged juice boxes, however, sipping the water from a fresh coconut is always so much better! And don’t worry, the rest of the coconut definitely won’t go to waste. Make a fresh coconut pudding, some coconut ice-cream or if you’re feeling real adventurous try a coconut and mango panna-cotta. YUM!


Coconut Water


I don’t think I know even one person who’s stomach isn’t sounding off with hunger post-workout. For some good filling food, try multi-grain bread along with almond butter. This easy to make butter has protein, fiber and the fats – the good kind; just what you need to reenergize and replenish your body. Layer toasted multi-grain bread with the butter and some bananas or maybe try something new and spread almond butter on rice crackers along with a variety of fruits layer out over it. That’s just the kind of health kick your body needs. If you’re not the kind for a heavy snack right after a workout, perhaps try using the almond butter as a dip along with apple slices in order to keep your body going with some good fibers and protein.



Whether you choose to have it with your almond butter on toast or by itself, bananas are filled with potassium which is especially great to snack on after your Yoga workout. The potassium work wonders in rebuilding muscles, so if you’ve stretched too far, you now know the go-to snack.


Did you know that Greek yoghurt is filled with TWICE the amount of protein as the regular kind? Just one cup will add 22 grams of protein to your food intake. Have it after your Yoga workout to ensure a strong and healthy body that will prevent muscle aches. For a little favorite, I usually like adding a drizzle of honey and a spoonful on cinnamon. It tastes amazing! Not only does cinnamon add great flavor, but its also good for your heart. Why not take care of two things at once with cinnamon and yoghurt combined? If that doesn’t do much for your tastebuds, try blending your favorite favorite fruits and mixing it into the yoghurt. Fruits are full of vitamins which is fantastic for keeping your body healthy even after a tiring workout. Another option if you aren’t too much of a yoghurt fan, add a cup full of fruits into your blender, one spoonful of yoghurt and oats and a few ice cubes for an exciting healthy smoothie.




Tuna is another great source of protein. If you are ready for a meal some time after your Yoga workout, try tuna on multi-grain or brown bread. Not only is it a perfect meal of protein and carbohydrates combined, but it is also incredibly low in calories for all you out there watching that figure. Add some fresh lettuce for an added crunch to your already healthy meal.

We all know about the immense benefits that Yoga can provide for your well-being, but go that extra mile and treat your body with some great snacks which can only further those benefits. Eating, drinking and exercising right is key to a healthy body.