Desi Weddings

With the wedding season starting in the U.S., you know guests are there just as much for the food as for the people. We thought this would be a good time to go over a few options when looking at desserts for Desis.


The Layout – It’s All About The Layout

dessert header

The layout of the desserts is essential.  The above image from MDCSF shows a nice layout how it flows with the rest of the arrangement.  See how the colors compliment one another, the desserts are seamlessly part of the show.  Having a good balance of Eastern and Western desserts is essential.  Let’s focus on the Eastern flavors shall we?

Gulab Jamun



What more is there to say?  These milk balls are packed with sugar and taste awesome!  Can’t go wrong with these in your mix.

Mango Lassi – What!?



Have you tried Mango Lassi?  It is a refreshing drink that will calm down the main dish and is easy to make. It’s not as traditional in the wedding scene, but not as new either.


How About Mhendi Cupcakes?

mhendi cupcakes

Now things become a bit more colorful, here we have Mhendi inspired cupcakes.  The right mix of East/West for your wedding.

Henna Cookies


henna cookies



In the same realm, you have Henna fused cookies.  These are popular not just at weddings, but in the image below from, you can see that cookies can cup in all shapes, sizes, and colors!


Here are just a few examples of what we expect to see this year at weddings.  Please share any photos you have of Indian Fusion Desserts.